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An MOU signed between ASECNA and the Guinean Air Navigation Authority

An MOU signed between ASECNA and the Guinean Air Navigation Authority

Messrs. Amadou Ousmane GUITTEYE and Amara CAMARA, ASECNA Director General and Director General of Guinean Air Navigation Authority respectively, signed an MOU of partnership, on March 24 at the head office in Dakar. This MOU will govern cooperation relations between the two institutions for the next three years period.

This agreement is a general cooperation framework and will be supplemented by specific protocols relative to varied domains such as training, calibration of navigation aids, maintenance and design of flight procedures. Prior to the agreement signing, the ASECNA Director General recalled that cooperation ties between ASECNA and ANA- Guinea Air Navigation Authority has been time immemorial and mutually beneficial.

Mister Amadou Ousmane GUITTEYE reiterated ASECNA availability to support the Guinean Civil Aviation in the areas of training, calibration, ensuring aerodromes upgrading to meet standards and any other field deemed expedient. Mister GUITTEYE concluded: “Air navigation safety transcends borders and the ambition of ASECNA is to make available its expertise to all requesting African countries”.

On his part, the Director General of the Guinean Air Navigation Authority Amara CAMARA expressed the gratitude of his country to ASECNA for the multifaceted support provided over the past years. He indicated his desire to revitalize the cooperation with ASECNA in order to draw from the expertise of ASECNA. He also added: “In the field of air navigation AECNA is a reference. And beyond everything else the Agency is a source of tremendous wealth which should be beneficial to the entire Africa”.


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