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The Minister of Transport of Cameroon pays a visit to ASECNA

The Minister of Transport of Cameroon pays a visit to ASECNA

The Cameroonian Minister of Transport paid a visit to ASECNA headquarters in Dakar this week. Mr. Alain Edgar Mébé Ngo’o, who will chair the Ministers’ Committee after the Statutory Bodies meetings slated for next July in Cameroon, came to Dakar at the invitation of the Director General of ASECNA. The purpose was to help him get familiarized with the Agency’s activities and as well as help him better grasp his missions Bidding welcome to Mr. Alain Edgar Mébé Ngo’o, the Director General said he was honored by his visit that translates, according to him, the willingness on the part of the member countries High Authorities, to assist ASECNA in discharging its mission.

On behalf of the entire staff Mr. Amadou Ousmane GUITTEYE thanked the Minister for the interest shown, which can be seen an encouragement for all employees in their endeavor to make out of ASECNA a centre of Excellence.

Before visiting the technical installations, the Minister followed a general presentation about ASECNA, its missions, its governing bodies and salient points of the current governing Convention signed in Libreville in 2010.

In order to well discover the practical aspect of the Agency activities, Mr.Alain Edgar Mébé Ngo’o visited the CNRA-Air Navigation Regional Centre and the ground station where he spent quite a time discussing with the technicians. The Minister showed a lot of interest in the work undertaken by the centres and expressed his full satisfaction about the performances of ASECNA.

He indicated he was highly impressed by the quality of equipment and services being provided by ASECNA for more than half a century in order to ensure the safety of air transport in its member States.

During the Minister’s stay, the Director General of ASECNA and the Director General of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) signed a convention that defines modalities for the Cameroon Aeronautical Authority to release funds to the Agency for the acquisition, installation and commissioning of equipment and supplies for the benefit MAROUA-SALAK, NGAOUNDERE, BAFOUSSAM, BAMENDA, KRIBI, TIKO, BERTOUA et KOUTABA airports.


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