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Our History

On December 12, 1959, Heads of State and Government from the erstwhile federations of French Equatorial Africa (AEF), French West Africa (AOF) and from Madagascar met at Saint-Louis in Senegal and signed the Convention establishing ASECNA. Today it comprises 17 African member States and France and is headquartered in Dakar.

Our experience is a sound added value
Why ASECNA was established: it was a move to prevent any airspace fragmentation at the time where aircrafts started going faster and faster, higher and higher and going farther and farther. Besides, cost wise in the area of ensuring safe air navigation it was important to pool financial, human and material capacities together so as to strike the best deal. Finally, it was in a bid, for the nascent States at the time, to work towards the achievement of a common objective.

Our outstanding spirit: efficacy
Through a progressive, desirable and necessary africanisation of the staff, and owing to the signing of the new convention in Dakar that redefined the mission of the Agency, its statutes and organization (1974), ASECNA readapted itself to the new political and economic context, thereby became a model in terms of inter-African states cooperation as well as one of the leaders in the development of the satellite navigation and air traffic management - CNS/ATM.

In this modern time of training our employees on the use of innovative technologies, the fore spirit that underpinned the creation of ASECNA in 1959 still prevails: efficacy, African solidarity and cooperation. The spirit rational is to reach a seamless understanding with the users and ensure their optimum safety.

Having progressively garnered experience, ASECNA therefore holds all the cards to roll out the 21st aviation in best conditions, with an unconditional constant demand for quality in aviation safety services.



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