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ATM- Air Traffic Management

 With an airspace totalling 16 100 000 km2 (1,5 times the surface area of Europe) to cover, ASECNA is mandated by the member States to implement the regulation relative to the air traffic as well as the air traffic services to the benefit of both national and international civil aviation.

Thanks to such a mission, ASECNA is permanently seeking to ensure a perfect match between airspace capacity and airports under its control and an optimum management of the flow of the aircrafts movements.

The agency thus ensures the following:

Air traffic control;

  • Aircrafts guidance,
  • Transmission of traffic and technical messages,
  • Flight information provision and data collection
  • Forecasting and transmission of meteorological information
  • The services provided also cover the en-route traffic as well as approach and landing.

Furthermore, it also offers terminal aids services to 31 main aerodromes (as under Article 2) belonging to 17 African Member States, through:
Aerodrome control;

  • approach handling
  • taxiing guidance,
  • radio and visual aids to approach and landing
  • radio transmissions, meteorological (weather) forecast
  • air traffic services reporting office
  • firefighting services.
  • To this effect, ASECNA is responsible for the maintenance of all installations that are necessary for the implementation of the different services (except for runways). Concerning the periodic in-flight control of en-route radio-electric aids and aids to landings, the Agency operates an ATR 42 equipped with a cutting edge calibration desk or test set.

In laying the emphasis on a continuous improvement of the operational efficacy, ASECNA remains focused on the implementation of a system of provision of modern services, which, while minimizing the environmental impact, enhances high safety levels for the users of its services.

This strategy is based on the development of state-of-the-art technologies for communication, navigation and surveillance, as well as the optimization of air routes and ATM procedures so as to meet the needs of users of the services while factoring in the environmental impact.

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