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Statutory organs

2014 Instances statutaires

Committee of Ministers.

Defines the general policy of the Agency

  • Meets at least once a year in an ordinary session; the presidency alternates on an annual basis.
    The Board
  • Takes all necessary measures for the sound operation of ASECNA, through decisions made about the annual equipment and perational budgets.
  • Meets at least twice a year.

The current Chairman as from January 01, 2011 is Mr. Jean François Thibaut from France.

The Managing Director

He is assisted by two (2) Directors. He is:

  • Responsible for managing the Agency by implementing decisions made by the abovementioned two statutory organs.
  • Responsible for recruiting all the staff of the Agency except for the Accounting Officer and the Financial Controller.
  • Responsible for the administrative management of the Agency
  • Charged with appointing in each Member State a ‘Representative’ responsible for carrying out the Agency activities in the State of transfer.

The Accounting Officer

  • He/she is appointed by the Board following consent of the Committee of Ministers.
  • He/she keeps the general accounting and the operating accounting.
  • He/she prepares the financial account, submits it to the Audit Committee for verification and presents it later to the Board

The Financial Controller

He/she is appointed by the Board upon approval by the Committee of Ministers. He/she is assigned with a general mission:

  • Controlling the management of the institution
  • Supervising all operations likely to directly or indirectly have economic and financial repercussions.

The Audit Committee

  • It is made up of three members appointed by the Board.
    It prepares a report on the regularity of the accounting management of the Agency on behalf of the Board and each sector-Minister.
  • Makes reasoned proposals on the discharge to be given to the Accounting Officer.

Safety Control Committee

It is made up of four experts who are appointed by the Board.

  • It provides assistance to the Board in its duties relative to ensuring safety and therefore monitors the setting in place and the smooth operation of the Safety Management System (SMS) in compliance with the ICAO standards and recommended practices.

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