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Providing a meteorological assistance to air navigation to ensure safety, regularity and flight safety to the member States remains one of the main missions of ASECNA. This activity, which is governed by the recommended standards and principles of Annex 3 relative to the Chicago Convention, is carried out in accordance with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) requirements.

The meteorological assistance service to air navigation provided by ASECNA covers the followings areas:

  • Meteorological protection for flights ;
  • OPMET collection and exchanges, including the AIREPs;
  • Airfield meteorological watch.
  • Providing quality meteorological data to users is of prime importance. To that effect, ASECNA has deployed a sound management system of quality meteorological services or QMS MET with respect to all its services rolled out in the member States in compliance with the related ICAO provisions.In terms of meteorological assistance to air navigation, the QMS evolved from the recommendation status to the standard level pursuant to the Annex 3 provisions dated November 15, 2012. In the short term, ASECNA embarked on a certification process, whilst pursuing the migration process of QMS MET towards the Integrated Management System (IMS). 

Thanks to an enhanced cooperation with the sector international organizations notably WMO, ICAO, IATA, EUMETSAT and National Meteorological Offices of Member States and non-Member States, ASECNA remains the major air navigation services provider on the African continent.

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